Ages 13-Adult.

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​​After School Program

Kick Boxing

Don't Just PLAY Martial Arts, DO Martial Arts

Why is Kickers After School Better?

Looking for an experienced, friendly, helpful instructor? Look no further!  Master Eric isa 6th degree Master and trains his students personally.  We also employ a highly-trained and experienced staff that can provide a variety of services.

Kickers After School
Kickers Summer Camp Ashburn

Achieve your goals

What are you looking for in Martial Arts?  At Kickers we ask you the right questions to make sure that we are training towards the goals you wish to achieve.

Kickers Martial Arts Center in Ashburn

What to expect during your first class:
Adults will key important information into our digital system to insure we have all the right data on our newest "to be black belt"!
Uniforms will be handed out and your name will be written on your new white belt so you can remember this first class for years to come.
You will be given a tour of the facility and meet the instructor.
We will show you how you will check into class each day.
You will be shown some rules to live by in the Martial Arts school and taught some very important first moves!
When you leave you will feel motivated and excited to come back to your next class!

​Summer Camp 


Kids Martial Arts

    Ages 5-12

Is Your Child Right for Martial Arts?

Does your child have energy to burn? 

Would you prefer they enhance their social skills in real life instead of on a game?

Is a friendly family atmosphere a top priority for where your child spends most of their time?

Would they like to go on fun field trips? 

Do you find it important that they learn to stand up for themselves with good conflict resolution skills? 

Would they benefit from gaining balance and flexibility? 

Have they said they like Martial Arts?

Ever noticed them jumping around yelling Kiyahh!?

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